Welcome to Micron Metalworks Inc.! Micron is a precision metal fabricator specializing in high end sheet metal fabrication,  machining, welding and assemblies. In the following pages you will see our plant, equipment and the most important element of our success, our people. Everyone at Micron is dedicated to our customers for excellence in service and product. Please take a moment to look at us and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Micron Metalworks has been continuously expanding throughout the years.  Micron started in 1994 with 4K sq. ft.and 3 employees, and by 2001 had built a new 36K sq. ft facility with 45+ employees.  We continued this growth with an addition of 20K sq. ft for a total of 56Ksq. ft.  The new addition was complete January 10, 2005.

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