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Precision Metal fabricating is a highly competitive market with only a few innovative, true precision metal fabricators who can do the job right--every time. Micron Metalworks is one of the few. What makes us different? We are committed to excellent quality and innovative ideas for the customer. As you will see in the following pages, Micron has spared no expense gaining new capitol equipment to use in the fabrication of all the products we provide. However, no matter how impressive our state-of-the-art equipment, it is the people at Micron Metalworks that make the greatest difference. Each day, our craftsmen work hard to make sure that our standards of quality and service are upheld for each customer. We care, and it shows.

The relationships at Micron Metalworks are what drive our goals and help us attain success in large and small areas of our processes. We provide our employees with the opportunity to grow within the company and to achieve financial success and independence. We want to continue to build a strong company family and facilitate a healthy work ethic.

Long lasting relationships with our customers and vendors is a fundamental goal at Micron Metalworks. We help our customers design new products, redesign an existing project and investigate cost savings. We also provide prototypes and production runs of panels, piece parts, frame weldments, cabinets, and electronic enclosures. The markets we service include the commercial, aerospace, computer, medical, food and industrial markets. Our customers know that they will receive a quality product every time because our craftsmanship is consistent and we only use the best vendors in the industry.

These strengths at Micron Metalworks have helped our company grow from a three craftsman shop in 1994 to over 60 craftsman today. Our people and customers have made our growth possible over the past 6 years. We continually strive to improve our service and capabilities for our customers and uphold this as our primary goal. Here at Micron, we have only one thing to sell, and that is exceptional service.

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